Vin Hair Vendor supplies high quality hair

Is Vin Hair Vendor A Trustworthy Wholesale Hair Vendor

Among the best hair vendors in Vietnam, Vin Hair Vendor can be considered the leading supplier. If you are wondering about choosing a reputable hair supplier with a reasonable price, it will probably be an appropriate choice. Keep reading for more information about Vin Hair.

  1. Vin Hair Vendor: Who are they

Vin Hair Vendor is one of the leading businesses in Vietnam that specializes in exporting natural Vietnamese human hair to the world hair market. With over 10 years of experience in the hair industry, Vin Hair can understand the needs and tastes of customers in each market, so it can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

  1. Why should choose Vin Hair Vendor

There are many reasons for you to choose Vin hair Vendor as a supplier but the main reasons are:

2.1. Vin Hair Vendor supplies high quality hair products

Hair products from Vin Hair Vendor are sought after in the world market thanks to:

  • Hair of clear origin: The hair provided by Vin Hair Vendor is 100% natural Vietnamese hair, collected from rural and mountainous areas of Vietnam, where women grow long hair and donate their healthy hair.
  • High-quality hair: Vietnamese people have naturally straight and black hair, besides, they care for their hair with natural herbs, don’t consume unhealthy foods and live a healthy life so their hair is shiny, smooth and healthy.
Vin Hair Vendor supplies high quality hair
Vin Hair Vendor supplies high quality hair
  • Moreover, Vin Hair Vendor says no to the use of chemicals in the hair processing, so the hair is very durable, with a lifespan of up to 10 years if properly cared for and safe for users.
  • Vin Hair Vendor has its own factory, so it can be completely proactive in controlling the quality of the product’s input and output, so the product quality is stable and consistent.

2.2. Vin Hair Vendor offers hair at wholesale price

The price of Vin Hair Vendor is considered the best wholesale price on the market today. The reason they can provide such a good price is thanks to:

  • Vin Hair produces and distributes in large quantities, so the price of input materials is good
  • Vin Hair Vendor has its own factory located in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, where it is the focal point for raw materials, so it saves the cost of collecting, storage and transporting raw materials, contributing to reducing production costs.
  • All processes from production to distribution are directly managed by Vin Hair Vendor, without any commercial intermediaries, so the price is not inflated compared to the original price.

2.3. Vin Hair Vendor provides excellent services

Vin Hair Vendor’s services are considered great:

  • 24/7 support: Vin Hair has a professional customer care team, always available 24/7 to answer customers’ questions. They are thoroughly trained to be knowledgeable about hair extensions.
  • Quick delivery: Timely dispatch assurance. Typically, the orders are sent within 1 or 2 days of receiving payment. Their  products are shipped via agents, FedEx, DHL and UPS. The customers can choose the shipping method which is suitable for them.
Vin Hair supplies quick delivery by air
Vin Hair supplies quick delivery by air
  • Flexible payment: Vin Hair accepts numerous payment methods, including agent, Visa, Western Union, Onepay and Mastercard.
  • Exchanges and returns: Vin Hair Vendor accepts returns and exchanges within 30 days if the hair is defective but hasn’t been used or damaged.
  1. Frequently asked questions about Vin Hair Vendor

Below are some questions that are frequently asked by customers:

  • How to place an order: There are some main steps to place an order:
    • Picking order: choose what you want in detail, the information needed is the textures (straight, deep wave, loose wave, or pixie curly,…), length, size (for closure & frontal), color and weight.
    • Invoice confirmation: after you pick an order, the sales from Vin Hair will write an invoice bill and send it to you for rechecking which includes total to pay, discount, delivery fees,…
    • Making deposit: when you confirm the invoice, you need to pay in advance a portion of the total amount, usually 30-70% total amount as a deposit.
    • Production: after receiving your deposit, Vin Hair will start production. Production time is about 7-10 days for pre-order items and depends on the quantity.
    • Pay in full: When Vin Hair Vendor finishes production, they will send you the videos and images of the order. If you’re satisfied with it, you can make full payment or if not, Vin hair will fix it for free until you’re satisfied.
    • Shipping: Once Vin hair Vendor receives your full payment, they will ship the goods to the carrier.
    • Receiving and checking


  • How about the minimum order quantity? The minimum order quantity is 500gr (or 5 bundles). They do not have a maximum order quantity. The more you purchase, the greater your discounts.


    • Is the hair virgin or raw hair? Vin Hair Vendor supplies raw hair from 2-3 donors which is not treated with steam, heat or chemicals. Hair cuticles are intact and aligned.


  • Does Vin Hair offer sample orders? Vin Hair does not offer sample orders but you can start with small quantities first to check the hair quality.
  • Do they have a discount for new customers? In addition to discounts for new orders, Vin Hair also has promotions on holidays and special days, so the price is extremely competitive.
  • Does Vin Hair have stores on Amazon, Alibaba or AliExpress? Currently, Vin Hair has not listed their products on e-commerce platforms. They mainly sell through the official website and Instagram.


  • Why is the agent’s exchange rate higher than the Naira/USD bank rate? Payment via agent is like? The agent’s exchange rate is higher than the bank rate because of the complicated conversion process, the agent will receive Naira from the customer, then convert it to dollars and then convert dollars to VND to pay the hair vendor.

Total to pay (in Naira) = Total to pay (USD) * exchange rate.

Conversion process of exchanging Naira to VND
Conversion process of exchanging Naira to VND


  • What hair patterns do they have, and how do these patterns form? The ways for generating patterns: From Vietnamese hair, they carefully choose and categorize three primary patterns. To achieve the ideal textures, they also employ hot steam to create various types of wavy and curly hair.


Hair patterns:

Straight: natural straight and bone straight


  • Wavy: natural wavy, loose wavy, deep wavy, body wavy, etc. 
  • Curly: pixie curly, water curly, romantica curly, and kinky curly, yaki curly, etc.


Many customers in Nigeria want to cooperate with Vietnamese hair factories, but where can they find Vietnamese hair factories. Visit this website for more information:

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